Belinda Suzette

Posted on 24/04/2010


illustrator, artist and designer

Belinda is a cross-disciplinary folk artist, living in Melbourne and inspired by culture and celebration. Community based, covering a range of styles in both digital and traditional mediums, Belinda’s confident use of colour and figurative approach conjours memories of childhood, paying homage to the illustrative artists/designers of the 60’s and 70’s, with a contemporary sophistication.Her work is highly imaginative, creative and very original in a world of sometimes cookie cutter similarities. It stands out from the crowd. Her ability to balance complex colour combinations and design elements whilst still maintain unity in work is a real feature of her technique.

Clients include: Brisbane City Council /Darebin City Council / Northern Exposure Festival / Suitcase Rummage / RabbitHound Vintage Clothing / The Co-Op Shop / Jelly Tub Rollers / Connie Choo / Toi Boi Shy / Four Thousand / Peppermint magazine / Lip Magazine / a-n magazine

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