Josh Callaghan

Posted on 24/04/2010


Highly rendered.
Subtle tonal variations.
An innate understanding of the colour wheel.

Josh Callaghan’s work evokes none of these qualities.

With a love for the simplicity of pen and ink and a mind brimming with creative possibility, Josh possesses not only the ability to explore well outside the square, but to stop for lunch outside that square and sample some local wine.

Josh’s work hops and skips through themes and genres from the bold and graphic to the loose and whimsical.

Drawing inspiration from the great satirist cartoonists of the past to the most contemporary of present day illustrators, Josh adds his unique artistic sensibilities to all of his work.

Josh possesses a natural flair towards cartoon and caricature work, architecture, maps and typographical, and Logo design.

Whatever your desired outcome, Josh Callaghan ensures the finest quality illustrative work.

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