About Silo

Silo is a collection of contemporary illustration and design from a community of new professionals based in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.

Part art-book and part self-promotion, Silo was conceived to shine a spotlight on some of Australia’s most exciting and diverse young Illustrators, and introduce their work to a wider audience.

United against mediocrity, Silo strives to explore unexpected illustration from a broad range of styles and genres, from children’s books illustration, contemporary comic book publishing through to editorial illustration, typography and design.

Our goal is to introduce the industry, both national and international, from publishing houses, editors and other potential clients and collaborators to eclectic and innovative illustration , as exhibited in the first edition of Silo.

Sponsor Silo

Silo is a carefully targeted direct mail campaign disguised as an art/illustration book. It will be sent to key purchasing decision makers such as art directors, senior designers and commissioning editors at major publishers, ad agencies and design studios. This is an opportunity to speak to a group of people who are in a position to make purchasing decisions regarding your business while being part of a professional, high end publication.

Silo will be posted around Australia and Overseas.

The Bottom Line

Full page 20x25cm + listed on the Silo website = $200

Half page 10×12.5cm + listed on the Silo website = $150

Logo placement in the Back Cover + listed on the Silo website= $100

Contact Us

If  you would like to sponsor Silo please contact us.




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